Wine Travel And Christmas Gift Shopping

What a day it was! Drinks, sunshine and a hint of drama… a perfect Bachelorette party!


Our limo driver was a half an hour late, which put the bride to be in a spin! Thankfully he made up for it by having his wine cooler full of bubbly. (Which we finished off relatively early in the day…)


The breeze was fresh as we zoomed off towards our first winery. The 6 of us had been close since elementary school and we’re more like sisters than friends. We knew each other inside and out, so you can imagine the giggling school girls we morphed back in to once away from our responsibilities! Cathy had us roaring with laughter from the tales from her office job. Apparently Bob was always buying gifts for women in the office, which might seem harmless… however, apparently the gifts he buys are incredibly bizarre.  He gave Cathy a pair of socks with his face dotted all over them….  Cathy puts them on her dog to keep him warm! Hysterical!


We pulled in to our first winery only to discover it was closed! I had booked everything in advance and had received no notice. Thankfully the winery next door was open and welcomed us with open arms! With our wine tumblers in hand and ready to be filled with chilled wine, we bounced in to the winery.


As we waited to be served I browsed the extensive selection of wine gifts for men in search for a perfect Christmas gift for HIM! Amongst the selection, the Tilvini wine bag caught my eye. I’d been wanting a leather wine carrier for a while now and this one was perfect. Christmas gift for husband is now sorted so back to the drinking!


The afternoon continued on to be a great success with many laughs and a few too many wines! With one very happy bride to be, we headed home.


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