Wine Gifts Ideas For Women & Men


With Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, I wonder if it would be a little too cheeky to leave a short wish gift list on the kitchen table? I am always jumping at the chance to buy gifts for men…. Well, actually, just the one man now!! but I must say I don’t mind receiving the odd gift here or there…


Hmm… it’s not been long since Christmas but there is always something that catches my eye… I’ll just write a few down and see if the random collection of words jump out at my Valentine as a possible collection of gift ideas….


Perfume, Wine Tumbler, Wine set, Earrings, Tilvini Carrier Bag, Bath Bombs, Any gifts for women…..

Wine bag, Wine tote, Feet warmers, Wine Picnic Basket.


Whoops! There seems to be a fair emphasis on wine… unintentional? Definitely not! Haha!


We do love a good picnic date, so what else do you take in your picnic bag or basket? We are cheese lovers, whiskey lovers, chocolate lovers and love our charcuterie but it’s not a picnic without wine and our picnic blanket.


Happy Valentine’s day everyone! I hope you receive what your heart desires… Hopefully it’s true love! That reminds me, perhaps I need to find a unique wine gift for men who have everything and are impossible to buy for!

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