Pair a Rosy Wine Bag With a Bottle of Rosé This Holiday Season

Tilvini, a luxury wine accessory brand, has just released a new wine bag in a beautiful soft pink shade. This tote, launching just in time for holiday gift-giving, will pair perfectly with mistletoe, snowy sunsets and winter-warming rosé. 


The days are getting shorter, and the air is getting colder, which means the holiday season is right around the corner. Tilvini, a global wine accessory brand, has launched its newest product just in time for gift-giving: a rosy pink wine bag made with supple, genuine leather and suede. Tilvini also offers the bag in sleek black and brown, but it’s the rosé-hued shade that will turn heads this season.

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The Ultimate User-Approved Wine Carrier

Tilvini is known for its line of insulated leather wine bags. The company, which launched in 2019, has already impressed customers with the quality and functionality of its bags. In fact, of the 40 global ratings on its Amazon storefront, 100% are five-star reviews. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers.

The new pink shade comes with all the exciting features of the black and brown bags; the main compartment can hold up to two full-size wine bottles and comes with a removable bottle divider. The bag features adjustable shoulder straps, accented by sleek metal hardware. Plus, the leather wine tote is insulated to keep chilled wines cold, so whether you’re going to an office holiday party, a wine-tasting event, a barbeque or the beach, you can enjoy a glass of crisp wine at the perfect temperature. 

Give This Rosy Wine Bag Gift

The magic of this bag is that it provides endless possibilities for gift-givers. Here are some of our favorite reasons to surprise our wine-loving friends with this bag.

Multi-Functional and Versatile

Although designed for wine bottles, this insulated bag is great for carrying just about anything else; you can even tuck a chilled water bottle inside to stay hydrated all day. The removable bottle divider helps partition the bag’s main compartment, which means you can add some fancy cheeses, crackers and charcuterie fixings alongside your favorite bottle of wine. 

Keeps Wine Accessories Organized

Never again forget the bottle opener when you head out for the night. The wine tote has a large back pocket to store all your wine tasting extras, such as a wine key, extra corks, a notebook and a pen. To add a creative, personal touch when you give this leather wine tote, tuck a handwritten card in the back pocket.

Comes With Bonus Tumblers

Who doesn’t love a gift that comes with bonus stocking stuffers? Every one of Tilvini’s wine bags comes with two stainless-steel wine tumblers. The insulated tumblers ensure your drink stays at the right temperature long after you’ve poured it. You can sip hot cocoa from the tumblers to keep warm on a winter walk or savor icy rosé when summer returns. The tumblers make it easy to drink your favorite wine anywhere, eliminating the need to pack fragile glassware and cutting down on single-use cups.

Elevates the Gift of Wine

As wonderful as it is to share wine with friends, giving a bottle of wine at the holidays can sometimes feel a little unimaginative. This year, do away with novelty wine sleeves and disposable wrapping paper. Instead, give your favorite bottle of rosé inside this blush-colored wine bag; your gift recipient will be delighted by your originality. When they indulge in your gifted wine, and when they put the Tilvini wine carrier to use, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

Pair With Rosé for Maximum Cheer

There are as many reasons to give a Tilvini tote as there are reasons to sip on rosé this winter. Here are a few things to know about your favorite pink beverage (which you’ll give inside the pink wine bag gift, of course).

All About Skin Contact

There are a few ways to make this blushing beverage, but true rosé is, in fact, not a blend of white and red wines. It’s the result of steeping macerated red grapes with their skins for a short period, usually between two and 72 hours. The grape skin imparts the tannins and the pigments to the liquid; the longer the skin macerates with the grape juice, the deeper the color. A shorter maceration produces a rosy or peachy shade of wine, with less tannic bite, while a longer one creates bolder wines that fall closer in color to garnet and ruby.

Not Just a Summer Drink

Who doesn’t love a glass of frosé on a balmy summer day? Rosé sales boom in the summer months, but that doesn’t mean pink wine can’t make a winter comeback. Sommeliers recommend choosing a structured, deeper-toned rosé over a lighter one during colder months; look for rosés made of grenache or syrah grapes, which naturally have higher tannin levels. Choosing rosé in the winter might also be a better deal than in June and July when demand for the so-called “drink of the summer” is at an all-time high. Plus, when you pour yourself and a friend a glass of rosé amid the snowfall, you’ll slip into a breezy, summery state of mind, fending off any notion of wintertime blues.

Complements Festive Foods

Consider the grape variety of a rosé when deciding what to drink with your holiday dinners. Lighter rosés will lend their acidity and sweetness to more delicate dishes, like a cheese plate, or even desserts, like sugar cookies and shortbread. Like the syrah and grenache we recommend above, fuller-bodied rosés are better suited for components of the main meal: roasted meats, rich stews and buttery sides. Remember to have fun with your wine pairing, and drink what you like best.

Rosé, Chilled All Day

The Tilvini leather wine bag makes a great gift for any wine lover. Women and men will love the range of stylish colors, the functional insulation and the ability to take their favorite wines anywhere. Plus, the bonus stainless steel tumblers fit right into the bag for maximum convenience.

To learn more about Tilvini and its new, beautifully blushing, pink leather wine bag, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.

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