Wine Gift Accessories For Wine Lovers

Every season deserves an occasion to give (and receive) the gift of wine, and for every kind of wine drinker, there’s a perfect leather wine tote or other wine-inspired ideas to match. These popular wine accessories range from stylish to practical and will inspire a toast.


Luxurious Leather Wine Tote & Other Gift Ideas for the Wine-Lover in Your Life

Much like a well-stocked wine fridge brimming with supple rosés, zippy Sauvignon Blancs and garnet-hued Tempranillos, our friend groups are made up of a whole cast of characters. We all have that one trend-setting, Instagram-famous friend, the friend who summers in Italy every year; and the friend who knows every happy-hour special in the city by heart. No matter how quirky, quiet or quixotic we are, one thing seems to unite us: we all love drinking wine. 

How, then, do we choose the perfect wine gift for each of our pals? It can be a precarious wager to guess whether a friend is a red or a white drinker, let alone what kind of wine-growing regions and grape varietals they prefer. That’s why often, the safest (and most practical) gift is a wine-related accessory. Whether it’s the holidays, a special birthday or a just-because moment, these luxurious and functional wine accessories, such as a sleek leather wine tote, will please every wine drinker, idiosyncrasies and all.

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The Traveling Wine Drinker  

This wine drinker always says yes to a little adventure. They’re just as ready for an impromptu picnic as they are for a road trip, and they have the gear to back it up. If they’re not already packing for an upcoming vacation, they’re probably planning one. 

A fashionable, insulated tote, like this carrier bag from Tilvini, is just what a traveling wine drinker needs. Tilvini’s wine carrier will keep chilled whites chilled on even the warmest summer day. The tote holds up to two wine bottles and includes an adjustable divider to ensure the bottles don’t knock together on the expedition. The genuine leather exterior comes in two colors (black and deep brown), with a third to be announced soon. The brass fixtures and velvet lining evoke a sense of luxury, while the large rear pocket provides tried-and-true functionality.

Even if the day’s adventure doesn’t call for wine, it certainly calls for Tilvini’s leather wine bag. Instead of wine, try storing a chilled water bottle in one of the compartments and a heat-sensitive picnic snack in the other. You could even use the leather tote as a stylish purse on the next last-minute travel day; it’s beautiful enough to stand in for a handbag. Take this leather wine carrier on an airplane, on transit or on a bike ride and you’ll turn heads.

Before your favorite traveler’s next trip, whether that be the beach or the park, be sure to give them the gift of insulated wine transport. Check out Tilvini’s Instagram below - just get ready to catch a case of wanderlust yourself.

The Fashionably-Late Wine Drinker

Predictable but well-meaning, this wine drinker can never quite make it to the party before the “surprise.” They apologize profusely, and all will be forgiven, but the wine they brought still came straight from the liquor store’s shelves. 

While they may not have had time to keep their wine in the fridge, you can ensure your friend never again drinks a room-temperature Chablis. Wine-chilling wands come in a range of shapes and sizes; some look like long corkscrews that run the bottle’s length, while others are smaller and designed to be added to individual glasses. Each kind can be easily thrown into a purse or bag before heading out for the evening. These little accessories stay in the freezer until the last minute; then, when added to a pour or to the bottle itself, the frozen devices draw heat from the wine. The result is crisp, quenching wine that seems like it could have been chilling all day. 

The Archivist Wine Drinker

No tasting note or analytical thought is too trivial to write down, according to this wine drinker. They always have a pen handy and can describe, in great detail, the exquisite Merlot they sampled last week. Perhaps they’re just beginning to explore professional wine tasting and chronicle every last drop of wine they enjoy. Maybe they’ve already filled up countless disposable notepads with qualitative observations.

While it may not seem precisely trend-setting, a quality pocket-sized notebook makes all the difference to wine drinkers who wish to document their tasting experiences. Look for a ruled notebook with a sturdy binding and elegant exterior, such as genuine plush leather. Go above and beyond by pairing the notebook with an equally stylish pen and a wine-tasting template; you can even make a party out of a studious, double-blind wine tasting session. Ensure the notebook is small enough to fit into any handbag or wine carrier so that your meticulous friend never leaves home without it. 

The Gracefully-Restrained Wine Drinker

This wine drinker possesses an illustrious skill: the ability to have just one glass of bubbly and no more. They partake in cheers but politely decline a refill. They might come home after a long day at work and indulge in a single serving of spritz. In either case, they encounter the problem of the open bottle and must watch their precious Prosecco lose its effervescence by the minute.

A great piece of equipment for this delicate wine drinker is a champagne stopper. These handy seals fit snugly over the top of any sparkling wine bottle to lock in the bubbles and prevent leakage. Some stoppers employ a vacuum seal to draw air out from the bottle itself, which will prevent oxygen from spoiling the wine. Look for a stopper that doesn’t add too much height to the wine bottle; otherwise, your friend might have trouble finding space for it in their fridge. Because they’re relatively lightweight and portable, champagne stoppers can stay tucked away in a handbag; that way, your disciplined friend can savor every unexpected encounter with some bubbly — and who doesn’t love unexpected bubbly? 

The Waterfront Wine Drinker 

Whether lounging beside a sapphire pool, tanning on a sandy beach or stargazing on the dock at the lakehouse, this wine drinker knows the best pairing for any grape is a view of the water. But sometimes it’s impractical — not to mention dangerous — to bring fragile glassware down to the waterfront. 

One of the many perks of Tilvini’s wine bag is that it comes with two complimentary stainless steel tumblers. These slender tumblers resemble the familiar, elegant shape of a wine glass, so it won’t feel like drinking from a camping mug. Sip after sip, the insulated tumblers will maintain the wine of choice at its ideal temperature. 

Plus, the tumblers fit perfectly inside Tilvini’s signature wine bag gift, even with two entire wine bottles stowed away. That means all your friend has to do is pack their leather Tilvini tote and follow the sound of the ocean. By giving your beach-loving friend Tilvini’s wine carrier gift bag, you provide a safe, mess-free and satisfying way to enjoy their wine, no matter where they lay their towel. 

Wine Gifts for Every Occasion

There is no shortage of innovation in the wine accessory market these days, and it’s never been more fun to shop for the perfect gift. There truly is a luxury wine gift out there for every event, every style and every friend. Those who identify their friends as traveling or waterfront wine drinkers will be excited to know that the Tilvini wine bag is sold exclusively online for maximum convenience. 

Tilvini offers an affordable way to give a little oenological extravagance, and any kind of wine drinker will find function and opportunity in the carrier. Another reason to give this leather wine tote to a friend? The roomy, insulated compartment will hold all the other gifts on this list. That means every drinking buddy will benefit from the practicality Tilvini’s wine carrier provides, whether a wine-chilling wand, a notebook or a champagne stopper joins the party. Just imagine the possibilities afforded by the bag: resplendent countryside picnics accompanied by juicy Sauvignon Blanc; oceanside afternoons with a lightly-chilled Pinot Noir to cut through the hazy sunshine; hard-earned mountaintop toasts of cava rosado after a wilderness walk. These limitless experiences await any and every audacious wine drinker. 

The gift of perfectly-chilled, comfortably-carried wine awaits beneath Tilvini’s gorgeous leather exterior. Head to Tilvini’s website to browse its line of products, read its five-star reviews, and then start crossing those wine accessories off your must-gift list.

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