Customers are raving about Tilvini's leather wine bags

Customers are raving about Tilvini’s leather insulated picnic wine tote bags, recommending them as the ideal bag for traveling or as the perfect gift for someone who has it all. The bag keeps all wine types perfectly chilled and comes with two tumblers for sipping.


CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA, Jun 14, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Tilvini continues to impress wine lovers and those looking for luxury gifts with its popular leather insulated picnic wine tote bags. Amazon customers have consistently given the wine bags top marks for impressive craftsmanship with the highest quality materials available at an incredible price point. The totes are frequently recommended as ideal for traveling and the perfect gift for someone who has it all.

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The leather tote has gained many happy customers who eagerly share their thoughts on the product’s quality and versatility. “This wine tote is beautiful and versatile! Our friends used it to transport champagne while we were out on a boat in the British Virgin Islands, and we loved it so much we bought our own. I love that it doesn’t look like a 'wine bag.' It just looks like a great leather tote. The fact that it is made for wine is a bonus. Great for gifting as well,” one reviewer explains.

Another commenter shares, “This bag is so luxurious! The beautiful smell of real leather. Very high quality with a nice velvet on the interior of the flap and insulated for two wine bottles. I absolutely love this bag and want to take it everywhere!

Although it is common knowledge that white wines and rosés are best when served chilled, the experts at VinePair suggest that most red wines also benefit from being served with a slight chill. Certified Sommelier, Michael Kennedy, suggests experimenting with chilling reds, “Almost no red wines benefit from being room temperature. The wine becomes sloppy, alcoholic, and develops sticky aromatics — think overripe fruit — even from cool-climate regions.”

Tilvini’s insulated wine tote bag will keep two bottles of wine perfectly chilled regardless of which type of wine suits each person’s individual taste. The company includes two insulated wine tumblers with lids for a complete tasting experience.

The senior spokesperson for the company happily notes, “Our Tilvini products regularly receive positive feedback, and it makes us genuinely happy to think that something we have created is giving so much joy to so many wine lovers. Our goal is to keep creating unique and beautiful gifts for wine lovers all over the globe.”

Please visit the company’s Amazon storefront or its official website for additional information about its luxury picnic tote bags for wine lovers.

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