Leather Wine Gift For Women


Girl’s Day, Girl’s Day, Girl’s Day!!!!  Not sure if you can tell but I am super excited about this weekend…. I am going to my best friend’s Bachelorette party and we are going wine tasting in Napa Valley! I have been looking forward to this ALL MONTH! Life gets so busy that these moments of time out are treasured. In our youth, this event would have just been called “the weekend” but now a trip like this has become the highlight of the month, or even the year!


Hubby gave me some beautiful wine tumbler’s, which I plan to use at all the wineries. They came in a gorgeous wine gift set by Tilvini. The set is completed with a wine cooler bag which has come in very handy at our picnics and parties! It is the type of luxurious wine gift that all of my wine friends get envious of. I must say, I kind of like that I have the best leather wine bag at every event.


Anyway, I’m off on a tangent… (once again!)


As the Maid of Honor, I’ve had the privilege of organising this event. We have a limo picking us up at 9am (early start for drinking but still a sleep in for me!). I’ll be packing the leather wine tote so that we can sneak a few quiet whites in before we hit the wineries. One doesn’t want to begin without being loosened up first! Once we’re on the road I’ve organized stops at 3 wineries, with a long lunch thrown in the mix.


What could go wrong, a big group of women getting to wine and dine all day long. Maybe I better leave the leather wine carrier home. Hmmm.


Check back in to follow up on all the unprecedented adventures that are likely to come our way!  

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