Leather Wine Bag Tote for Travel Brand Tilvini

Tilvini has shared its views about a recently published story in The Globe and Mail, the most widely read newspaper in Canada. A global wine accessories brand, Tilvini has received much appreciation for its wine bag leather purses. 

July 12, 2021

Popular wine accessory brand Tilvini has recently shared its opinion about an article published in The Globe and Mail. The story talks about nine drinks to be packed in a cooler, including some excellent canned wines. Known for its top-of-the-line leather gift products for wine lovers, Tilvini has received accolades for its wine bag tote. The product is currently selling successfully on Amazon. 

More about Tilvini's wine bag purse can be found at https://www.tilvini.com/products/wine-gifts-for-women-leather-tote-purse.

The article mentions that until recently, wineries used to avoid alternative packaging as they were apprehensive about losing sales or damaging their reputation. This apprehension is why good wine mostly comes in glass bottles. However, many of today’s younger consumers prefer innovative wine packaging, such as wine in a can. One of the major conveniences of canned wine is its portability factor. Moreover, cans don’t require any other equipment to open, and they cool faster than glass bottles.   

“The Globe and Mail article tells us about a changing trend in wine packaging. It is a must-read for any wine lover because it also mentions some excellent wines available in cans and convenient, lightweight pouches,” said a spokesperson from Tilvini. 

The wine bag cooler from Tilvini enhances the experience of any wine lover by combining functionality, luxury, and style. "These bags are manufactured using the finest grade of soft leather and are fully insulated. The wine bag leather purse comes with two glasses and can be the perfect travel companion for any wine lover," the spokesperson added. 

“Love this wine bag! Luxurious leather, insulated, adjustable strap, plus two stainless steel tumblers make it a must-have for any wine lover like myself! The color of the leather is perfect, and the style is elegant! Great gift for the wine lover in your life,” said a delighted user. 

To find out more about Tilvini and its wine bag tote, please visit the company’s official website at https://www.tilvini.com/.



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