Tilvini Wine Bag Cool Gift Purse

Just what do people call their Tilvini Wine Bag?


With marketing and advertising dominating the online shopping landscape in 2020, we put the question to the Tilvini Marketing Manager, Lilly Holmes. What do people search for to find your unique wine gift product?


“Tilvini is designed independent of all other wine gifts & accessories on the market. Our wine bags are designed in Italy, constructed using premium materials, so that our customers get the perfect product every time. Being so unique, does have it’s challenges though.


When thinking of the perfect gift for a wine lover, people often think of the usual, a wine bottle, a wine decanter, wine tumblers or wine glasses. We offer an amazing gift bag and we rely on quality products, word of mouth referrals, great technology and exceptional customer service.


We often have people using search terms such as “the best gift for a wine lover that has everything or ‘gifts for winelovers that have it all’. Let’s face it, we all have someone like this in our life.


Most of our customers find us through google and they will search for a wine bag, wine carrier, wine tote or even a wine cooler, although this can often take them to a wine fridge page. Sometimes people are looking for that touch of style and they will add words such as leather or luxury to the search.


A lot of our customers love to picnic, so we often get traffic looking for picnic baskets, wine backpacks or picnic bags. We think the Tilvini Wine Bag is perfect for a picnic too, just add wine and cheese.


We also get the beach bums who are looking for a portable bar to transport their champagne or moscato down to their nearest sunset. It’s quite convenient that our leather bag include 2 stainless steel wine tumblers with lids.


Tilvini has also become a hit as a travel wine bag gift. Whether winetasting through the wine country vineyards or jetsetting across the globe, Tilvini is now a popular choice as a mini wine suitcase protector bag. We think its great that you can carry a wine travel bar on your shoulder and stop wherever you please for a sip of your favorite.


So however you want to class our Tilvini wine accessories is entirely up to you. If you use it as a picnic set, great. If it’s your beach wine cooler bag, fantastic. We just want you to enjoy our wine totes and carriers with family and friends.


The Tilvini Insulated Leather Wine Bag is whatever you want it to be called, we just know you will love it”.


Tilvini Insulated Leather Wine Bag Tote & Tumblers Gift Set. Luxury Wine Purse Cooler For Wine Lover - YouTube

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