Buying Wine Gifts For Men Who Have Everything


There are some men out there that seem to have everything, however, if you know a wine aficionado, then you don’t need to worry about what the hot wine gift for men might be. Instead, simply bear in mind a few of our suggestions, a wine bag for men, or another unique wine gift suggestion.

Tilvini Wine Bag

First and foremost, our number one suggestion will be the Tilvini wine bag. We do make it, so perhaps we’re a little biased, but the product is utterly stupendous. We can’t find a thing to fault with it, and if we could - we’d put it right.

For men, a great wine bag option could be our black genuine leather bag, which is masculine enough to match with the outfit of even the burliest guy you know. The set comes with a wonderful insulated bag, as well as space for two chilled bottles and two insulated glasses. This means that even on hot days when you might be out in the wilds of the world, you can drink a tasty, cold glass of wine - it will be perfectly chilled, even after several hours in the bag. You’ll truly notice this when you get to the end of the second bottle of wine - even the final dregs in there will still be perfectly chilled.

The other great time for a gentleman to have a wine bag could be for taking it on a date. If you know someone that might like to surprise a date with a glass of chilled wine in the wilderness, then they’d definitely like this bag - it’s stylish and perfect for making sure that you’ve got wine anywhere, anytime. Plus, you’ll have some ideally sized travel wine glasses, perfect for sipping out of all night long.

Personalized Cellar Book

If you know someone that has an impressive wine cellar, then you might be tempted, at first, to get them a nice bottle of wine. After a few moments of thought, though, you might realize how tricky that could really be - if they’ve got a cellar full of every vintage you could think of, then even they might not be able to pick one out.

So, instead of getting them a bottle, why not get them something to keep track of the wine that they have already. Buying someone a gift like that would allow even the most well-stocked connoisseur to increase the excellence of their collection.

A personalized cellar book would be a wonderful way to allow someone to record all of their favorite vintages, as well as to make notes on where and when they purchased the bottle. They could also write about the tasting notes of the wine itself, as well as the occasion that the bottle was opened.

While you can get a number of different types of cellar books, we’d recommend going for one that’s leatherbound, whether the leather is real or fake. This will fit the aesthetic of most wine cellars, and you can easily change the color of the leather by switching from product to product online.

If you know someone that likes to have all their wine up for grabs and keeps everything visible in their cellar, then a cellar book could be perfect for them. A visual representation of their expansive cellar would be a wonderful thing for nearly any wine lover to enjoy.

State-Shaped Wine Cork Holder

While a state-shaped wine cork holder might seem needlessly specific at first, it does present a very easily understandable example of what we’re speaking about here. Essentially, a display cork holder would be a piece of wood that allows you to easily slot in and display the corks from assorted different bottles of wine. The shape of the cork holder is determined by the shape of the piece of wood.

In the US, a common idea for cork holders is to get one that’s shaped like your home state - from the ‘L’ shape of California to the instantly recognizable shape of Texas. At that point, you can fill the holder with corks from bottles of wine that have helped you have a wonderful evening. That’s the truly lovely thing about a cork holder - it allows you to see and remember all those wonderful memories that you made with friends and family.

We particularly like the idea of going on a wine holiday, and then returning with a cork holder in the shape of your destination state or country. You could fill the board with corks from bottles of the region! What a sweet way to look back upon the memories you made there.

Drink Tops Glass Cover

Getting some glass covers is a wonderfully unique and personalizable way to keep bugs away from your drink while you’re drinking in your back garden. That might sound like an extremely niche example, but we assure you that it’s surprisingly commonplace.

For example, the word ‘tapas’ comes from the Spanish word ‘tapar’ meaning ‘to cover’. The idea is that a small tapas plate covers your drink, stopping bugs from getting into it.

Nowadays, there are alternatives to tapas for keeping critters out of your drink, and instead, you can use specifically designed glass covers. We like the ones from Drink Tops, as they come in a range of bright colors, as well as sitting perfectly on most sizes of wine glasses. They have a small, recessed ring in the outside of the cover within which the rim of the glass sits - this is the best way to stop the cover from sliding off your drink, which can happen after one or two glasses.

Even the gents out there with the most things in all the world can find a bit of use in the products we’ve listed here today. Buying wine gifts for men can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, make sure to take a look at our selections, from a byo wine bag to a wine glass cover ideal for your home garden.

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