Best Wine Gifts For Christmas

               If you’ve got one or two (or more) people in your life that you’re sure would love a wine gift this Christmas, then we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of the best wine gifts for Christmas so that you can make sure someone will be getting a wonderful surprise on Christmas morning.

               You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only thing that a wine lover might like as a gift is another bottle of wine, but we’re afraid we’d disagree! There are a thousand and one things out there that might suit someone perfectly, so make sure to look around!

Tilvini Wine Bag Set

               We know that we’re biased, but we honestly believe that this is the best gift a wine lover could possibly want this coming Christmas season. Not only is it a stylish and easy way to carry around a bottle of wine and two glasses, but it’s also really functional too. It carries everything perfectly and doesn’t feel too heavy on the shoulder. Plus, in a truly excellent piece of design, it’s insulated so that your wine doesn’t warm up while you’re out and about with it.

               There’s something wonderful about a gorgeous view over a beautiful city with someone that you love. There’s no denying that, and we would never dream of it! However, just imagine how that view and that experience could be enhanced by sharing a few beautiful sips as you watch the sunset. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about dealing with whatever wine might be sold near to you. Instead, you can opt for your favorite bottle, and take that with you. Perfect!

               We really like that the bag is sleekly and fashionably designed, too. It’s always been easy to carry a bottle of wine with you, but this way, you’ll be able to do it in style!

Ramekins & Wine Monthly Pairing Box

               It’s no secret that food and wine pair up wonderfully well - people have been sitting and eating cheese and wine for centuries. However, no one quite deals with this pairing as well as the Ramekins & Wine subscriptions box.

               Essentially, it’s a very simple thing. You sign up for a monthly subscription box, and then every single box that comes to your house includes six 125ml bottles of wine and six perfectly paired little pots of food. We adore this since it’s something that’s unashamedly for the foodie that you know and love. Consider grabbing one for them sometime soon!

               Something that’s hard to overlook here is the fact that the food in the ramekins is very intensely flavorful. With little to no effort, you can see why the experts have paired up the wine and the food - together, they’re a wonderful experience.

A nice touch is that the wine has a list of flavor notes alongside it, which means that you can easily see what you can pick up on in your glass. This can be really great for people that adore wine but are perhaps at the beginning stages of their journey - they could learn a little about wine as they go through the process of sampling every bottle that they get delivered.

The Online Wine Tasting Club

               While this might be quite close to simply buying someone a bottle of wine, we personally choose to believe that it is quite different. Buying a one-off bottle is one thing, but buying them several bottles over the course of several months is quite another - it can lead to a wonderful journey through the world of wine.

               A one-off box offers a tasting set that can be wonderful for a perfect night in with just the right amount of wine. Six samples of 100ml are typically sent out, and all the boxes have a specific theme to them. For example, a theme could be ‘wines of Nothern Italy.’ The benefit of the wine being packaged and shipped in this way is that it’s a learning experience as well as a tasty one - you can see how the taste of grapes can change depending upon location and technique.

               There are two final things that make the online wine tasting club a superb choice.

               First of all, each box has an accompanying online masterclass from a sommelier and a winemaker. You can join in live with these events, or you can stream them online afterward. If you’re getting really into the tasting experience, then having a sense of community in the process is a wonderful thing.

               Finally: you can buy full bottles of each wine on their site, which means you can make sure to grab a full portion if you find the perfect wine for you.

Bottle Stopper Garden Kit

               Most wine lovers certainly don’t need an excuse to completely polish off the last dregs in a bottle of wine, but if you’re struggling to do it, then this could be a good excuse for you.

               Urban Leaf is a company that makes kits that you can use to grow something useful out of your wine bottle after you are done with it. Within the small boxes are a small soil capsule and some seeds. The idea is that you thoroughly rinse the bottle out, and then fill it with clean water. Next, you cap off the bottle with a soil capsule and some seeds, before leaving the whole thing on a windowsill to sit and grow something marvelous.

               There are several different options tog row out of your wine bottles, though the most notable ones are the edible flowers and the culinary classics - they’re perfect for easily and quickly being able to steal a quick cutting from to throw into dinner.


               There are gifts out there for everyone in the world, and they’re all ideal for someone. So, if you’ve got a wine-loving friend, relative, or partner, then try to track down something ideal for them. We would definitely recommend our bag, of course, but the choice is yours! What matters most is ensuring that the person is happy with their gift, and is glad to have recieved it.

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