Best Wine Gift For Picnics- Leather Wine Bag Set

For the first time in many months, the morning begins with a warm beam of light streaming through my bedroom window. A smile crept across my face, today was going to be perfect!  My husband had given me the perfect wine gift and I’ve been waiting for this day to use it. With the birds singing their morning greetings and a swift dismount out of bed, I was already planning what to put in my picnic basket for 2. Wine, grapes, cheese, wine, bread, wine, dips, wine… (hmm, can never have enough wine and with my new Tilvini leather wine carrier, I can pack a bottle each!)  My husband and I deserve to spoil ourselves with a relaxing day out considering it is our 10 year wedding anniversary. My husband knows me so well to buy such a luxury gift, although he knows he will also reap the benefits…. It’s no surprise that he would buy me a leather wine bag rather than jewellery because it’s a unique wine gift HE can use!


With the lake calling, we pack the car and head off leaving the kids in the capable hands of Nan and Pop. John and I have been working so hard lately that we breathe a sigh of relief as we drive towards a day of relaxation. As we arrive at the lake, a swan drifts in to a graceful landing. We are surrounded by so much beauty that it takes my breath away. How lucky we are to live in such a peaceful place in the world!


John sets up the picnic rug with our leather wine cooler bag with BOTH bottles of chilled white! It’s like we’ve got our own little portable bar. (It’s going to be a long afternoon….) Next comes out the cheese… yum, yum, yum! Our first date was at this same lake, just 13 short years ago. I think we’ll be coming here for many more years to come.  Anyway, where’s those wine tumblers…..


Tilvini Insulated Leather Wine Bag Tote & Tumblers Gift Set. Luxury Wine Purse Cooler For Wine Lover - YouTube

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